ART3326: Intermediate Photographic Arts

selection of student work, Spring 2015, Graduate Part-Time Instructor (Instructor-of-Record)

ART3326 is an intermediate exploration of the concepts & techniques of black & white film photography for studio artists. In the class, we cover the creative use of the camera, lighting, exposure, composition & printing. The students will work on four technical/creative projects during the semester. These projects will serve as intermediate investigations of film printing & developing, composition & concept. The course culminates in a personal project using the skills learned & adding new skills to result in a final portfolio. Throughout the class, students will be discussing, both formally & informally, the issues surrounding criticism & analysis of photographs. 

Intermediate photography is the second level class for the photo emphasis in the studio major. This class is an upper level course in the photography area. It is required by all photo majors to guide them in developing advanced techniques in black & white film developing & printing including archival printing, film camera use, alternative & manipulation techniques in the darkroom, photographic seeing & composition, & the conceptual underpinnings of contemporary photography.