Pedram Baldari

Baldari's artistic practice is a traumatological investigation of issues of restriction, the body, identity, post-war experience, post- humanism, control, and power. He has been exploring different mediums and art forms within his practice, from X-Ray machine photography to video, sound art, performance, mixed media, video-theater, photography, installation, and sculpture.
His practice is an ongoing challenge to form the body of his art works outside of hierarchic paradigms and their apparatus in the contemporary time. Baldari's art works are his clinical and practical explorations of viral state of our time in which a para-text takes over and becomes the main text.

As an Iranian artist residing in the U.S. he is interested in juxtaposition of notions and art forms that are capable of breaking the stereotypes and can give the viewer an alternative perspective of issues that he addresses in his art works.

[photography by V.M.BEE, 2015]